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Meadowcroft Community Infant School

Meadowcroft Community Infant School

Our School Values

At Meadowcroft Infant School we learn, play and live by our school values.   We launched our values in January 2014.  As a school we decided upon a character for a value and these were introduced to the children in an assembly.   These values have been developed from the Olympic themes that we all learnt about during the summer of 2012.

If a class, child, or group of children have achieved a value, they can come and collect one of the characters to spend some time with them, celebrating their achievement.  Each of our mascots has a special name too!

Respectful Rabbit – being fair and knowing your limits, taking care of yourself and others.

Friendship Frog – understand each other, even though there may be differences.

Perseverance Panda – believe in yourself to do your best, even if things are difficult.

Truthful Tiger – always be truthful and take responsibility for your actions and words.